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We hope you’ve found this first look at Generation Z useful. We’ve enjoyed pulling it together, as it’s helped us make sense of the apparently contradictory and clichéd claims we see too often.

Once again we’re struck by how distinctive but varied this cohort is. However, so often, they are not presented in this way. We believe generational perspectives still provide great value, alongside more in-depth reviews that focus more on behaviours and life stages. The increasingly stretched and diverse situations within cohorts mean these are ever more important.

Do let us know if you have data or reflections to add to our growing understanding of Generation Z, or just get in touch to discuss the themes.

Ben Page
Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI

The Perennials: The Future of Ageing

This report looks at our ageing societies and their challenges and opportunities. The media have obsessed about ‘Millennials’ as disruptors, but in fact ageing – which will affect every generation – is having even larger effects. Rising life expectancy and falling birth rates mean populations around the world are getting older. It is portrayed as a ’narrative of decline’ – not a time of opportunity and change.