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Gen Z: Beyond Binary

Millennials are old news. Gen Z are the new focus of attention, and often wild speculation. Most of them are still very young, with the oldest only just reaching their early 20s, but they are already the subject of spurious claims and myths about who they are and what they’re going to be.

This report, the latest in our Ipsos MORI Thinks series, pulls together existing and new analysis, as well as brand new research on this latest generation, to provide a better understanding of the initial signals on how they will be different to, or the same as, previous generations.

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We hope you’ve found this first look at Generation Z useful. We’ve enjoyed pulling it together, as it’s helped us make sense of the apparently contradictory and clichéd claims we see too often.

If you enjoyed our insights into Generation Z, you might be interested in our study of Millennial: Myths and realities. We’ve completed a major review of all the claims and evidence around Millennials we could find and sorted them into myths and realities.

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