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Millennial: Myths and realities

One of the questions we have been asked most often over the last few years by clients, journalists and commentators is “What do you have on Millennials’ attitudes and behaviours?” In response, we have completed a major review of all the claims and evidence around Millennials that we could find.

What this shows is that many of these claims provide compelling headlines, but are misinterpretations or just plain wrong. The term ‘Millennials’ has unfortunately started to become just another meaningless buzzword. But its original use is far from empty. ‘Millennials’ is the working title for the c. 15-year birth cohort born around 1980-1995, which genuinely has unique, defining traits, often lost in the litter of false claims and accusations.

Our review is designed to be as comprehensive and balanced as possible, to act as a resource and spark ideas on how government and business need to respond to this increasingly powerful cohort.

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