Ipsos MORI Thinks

Trust in reviews and recommendations


As trust in central authority has declined, we still trust ‘other people’, especially online. The majority of us are still happy to trust the reviews and recommendations of other consumers.

Three quarters of us (76%) say we will try a product or service that gets a lot of good reviews.62 But we are not blindly trusting, of course. Perfection makes us a little sceptical – studies show that 4.4 out of 5 is the consumer review score most likely to result in purchase, and reviews higher than this see a slight decline in the likelihood to purchase.63

Trust: The Truth?

We decided to write this report because we wanted to test if the prevailing narrative matched the data. The ‘truth about trust’ is that trust is complex, and takes many forms (many of these forms are not in crisis or decline). Without some degree of trust society simply would not function…